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Fibre Optics

Powerful monetizing tool managing mobile VAS services, efficient in decreasing marketing costs, using profiling module and real time statistics with up to 100% response rate from targeted subscribers.

Spaceship Corridor
Secure OTP (S-OTP)

The Secure OTP (SOTP) system provides an enhanced level of security for any institution sending OTPs to their customers.  It adds the following security mechanisms to existing OTP techniques: by PIN or Encryption

Touchscreen Computer

HTTP over TLS for high throughput  (GP2.2 Amdt B)  / Standard SMS binary over SMSC protocols 

Over the Air (OTA).
Digital social media
Quality of Service (QoS) 

Monitoring Solution makes use of technology on the SIM card, in the form of a SIM applet, and a software module on our Core OTA Platform, to enable the monitoring of the service quality experienced by the MNO’s subscribers.

Electrical Engineer

A solution designed to allow home network operators to control and distribute registration traffic of their outbound roamers to the best wholesale rates. 

Steering of Roaming (SoR)
Blue Pattern
Automatic device Manager (ADM)

End-to-end automatic device detection and OTA configuration solution that enables the subscribers to automatically receive the necessary connectivity settings when needed and become data services consumers

Black Sky
M2M SIM Management (M2M MP)

The M2M SIM Management Platform (M2M MP) enables the operator to manage all aspects of an installed base of M2M SIM cards in the market

Digital Network Cables

As M2M grows, the number of SIMs in devices grows. Inevitably, some of those devices are left on, while the accompanying M2M service is terminated – e.g. vehicle tracking, home alarm system. Eventually, the network subscription associated with the SIM is suspended, and then terminated, which “orphans” the SIM. Network shield protects the network against the unwanted traffic generated by orphan SIMs.

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