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Secure ID & KYC


To address the high level of threats facing many countries, it has become essential to implement increasingly reliable and secure access control systems to protect our client’s buildings and high-security sites: 

Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs.


Financial institutions – banks, insurance companies, government grant and pension payments, ATM integration.

Government ID, Population register, passport, and border control.


Biometric Access control in Government and private sector.

Our mobile access control terminals, which are equipped with the best readers from the global industry leaders (HID, NXP, ASK), are an essential and effective companion to the “standard” fixed systems.


NAV is Exclusive partner of AXON WIRELESS

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We help financial and telecommunication companies, digitally


enrol and approve their customers in minutes. So their


customers can start using their products right away.

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Axon has over 40 employees with over 8 different nationalities including offices in (Cybercity) Mauritius, South Africa (Johannesburg), Nigeria (Lagos), Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) and China (Shenzhen).

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