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Livestock: Traceability For Food Safety

Animal Tracking is a major issue in sanitary control. It is essential to control the route and monitoring of farm animals (cattle, goats, sheep, pigs) destinated to end up on the plate (birth, veterinary care, food, etc.).
Identification is therefore the cornerstone guaranteeing the safety of the entire industry. 

Breeders need mobile tools allowing them to carry out this monitoring and then to comply with the health rules established by each state on Livestock. It also allows them to eradicate contagious diseases and evaluate animal performances in order to select the best production lines. 

C-One2 Agrident

The C-One2 Agrident is the perfect solution to answer these needs of breeders. 

Thanks to the successful integration of Allflex Group’s LF ABR200 RFID module, the C-One2 Agrident is capable to read FDX and HDX-B technologies.

Its RFID module can thus read these tags with a distance of 20 cm with internal antenna and up to 25 cm with an external antenna. 

An 80 cm external RFID rod can also be plugged to the industrial connector on the top of the C-One2 LF Agrident, to allow the user to read the tag with distance from the animal (ideal for bolus).


Technical Specifications C-One2 LF Agrident

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